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Travel: The Natural Remedy for Mental Health

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September 25, 2018
Julia Chapman
TRAVEL… it’s the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.

For most of us that travel; it’s a planned event to have fun, renew family connections, and embark on a new adventure. It’s a time to throw caution to the wind, explore parts unknown, and celebrate friendship!

For others, however, travel is a lifesaver.

Do you or someone you know suffer from mental health, like depression, anxiety, PTSD ~ or all of the above?

Travel just may be the key to lessen the effects. Suffering from a mental illness is lonely. You tend to isolate yourself from family and friends. Who wants to be around someone that’s suffering internally all the time?

Those that suffer from depression tend to lean toward negative thoughts and emotions.

So why is travel helpful?

Traveling forces you to pay attention to your surroundings. You have a heightened awareness of everything around you; which actually opens yourself up to exploring new friendships and experiences. It distracts you from negativity and brings about a sense of calm. Creating new memories may help you to cope when inner negativity approaches.

Traveling creates inspiration. When you engage with fellow travelers ~ you see the life they are living the way they want to live; not the way society chooses for them to live.

You can eat what you want, sleep when you want, do what you want… Travel is the place of YES!

As you create a bond with fellow travelers; sharing similar experiences opens up your heart to see the world in a new perspective. Meeting people from all walks of life, and the friendships you forge while traveling can be a constant reminder of positivity which may help you carve out a new way of life, even at home.

For me; the sound of the ocean, the sand between my toes and sitting in the ocean digging for seashells causes me to focus on this beautiful world in which we live. Every time I travel, my goal is to do something I’ve never done before. Zip lining is top on the list… I CAN do it!
– Julia Chapman, Luxevo Vacations Travel Specialist
Ready to plan your vacation? Just ask Julia!

Which El Dorado Resort by Karisma You Should go to Base on Your Zodiac Sign?

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IF YOU’RE INTO ASTROLOGY and believe that zodiac signs actually hold valuable insight into a person’s character and personality, than this article will help you understand which El Dorado Resort by Karisma is perfect for you and why!

Element: Air

Signs: Aquarius (January 20th to February 18th), Gemini (May 21st to June 20th), Libra (September 23rd to October 22nd)

El Dorado Seaside Suites – Riviera Maya, Mexico

Those who are the Element of Air look at the world as a place that is filled with possibilities, much like Karisma’s Seaside Suites! Seaside Suites is divided into two distinct sections, the Infinity and the Palms. Aquarius’, Gemini’s and Libra’s like to be in control and having the option to choose between authentic Mexican architecture and modern luxury décor is right up their alley! The resort offers infinite opportunities for both adventure and relaxation, which is perfect for Air-born characteristics, as they have an eccentric personality but need time to recharge in order to restore their charismatic energy.

Element: Water

Signs: Pisces (February 19th to March 20th), Cancer (June 21st to July 22nd), Scorpio (October 23rd to November 21st)

El Dorado Maroma – Riviera maya, Mexico

Those who are the Element of Water are super friendly, compassionate, and intuitive people. They are found to be highly emotional and sensitive beings, and they much rather prefer intimate atmospheres where they can easily connect with others. El Dorado Maroma is very intimate and serene, allowing those with the Water element to flourish in their empathetic and generous characteristics. In addition to being friendly, they also need a great deal of alone time for rest and to reflect on their spirituality. Maroma offers a luxurious and unique spa that combines today’s most innovative practices with ancient Mayan principles, which help both the body and mind. Being a Water sign, Pisces’, Cancer’s, and Scorpio’s love to be surrounded by water. Maroma Resort sits on the beautiful and famous Maroma Beach, which was actually named one of the top ten beaches in the world by Travel Channel!

Element: Fire

Signs: Aries (March 21st to april 19th), Leo (July 23rd to august 22nd), Saggitarius (November 22nd to December 21st)

El Dorado Royale – Riviera Maya, Mexico

Aries’, Leo’s and Sagittarius’, being Fire signs, are extremely active beings. It is in their nature to exude youthfulness, energy and confidence, making El Dorado Royale the perfect Karisma Resort for Fire signs! El Dorado Royale offers exciting nightlife, lively entertainment, and activities from all across the board that are sure to keep these active and adventurous beings out, about, and having the times of their lives! With tequila tastings, scuba diving lessons, yoga classes, kayaking trips, listening to live bands perform and so, so much more, the last thing a Fire sign vacationing at Royale will feel is boredom or lackluster-anything.

Element: Earth

Signs: Taurus (April 20th to May 20th), Virgo (Auguest 23rd to September 22nd), Capricorn (December 22nd to January 29th)

Palafitos Overwater Bungalows – Riviera Maya, MExico

Those with the Element of Earth appreciate the finer things in life and don’t mind working hard to achieve nothing but the best. The Palafitos Overwater Bungalows at El Dorado Maroma by Karisma is, also, nothing but the best they have to offer. With innovative glass bottom floors, a private bungalow for two complete with a Jacuzzi tub, infinity pool, and private access to the turquoise water, these were designed for those with royalty running through their veins. Taurus’, Virgo’s and Capricorn’s enjoy materialistic goods and possessions, and they will absolutely love the fine dining experiences and top-of-the-line exuberant service provided at this intimate yet lavish resort. Because Earth signs are very responsible and disciplined, this resort offers a safe place for them to let their hair down a bit and just enjoy life!

The amazing things about all of Karisma’s Resorts is that they offer something for every element and every sign!

Image result for im spiritual gif

Ready to plan your next sweet escape? We've got you covered!

Be Environmentally Friendly On Vacation

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WE ARE CREATURES OF HABIT, when it comes to our personal items or our homes, we maintain a consistent agenda to keep everything well maintained and spotless. We don’t want to live in filth, so for example, we keep dirty clothes organized in a hamper and wash them when the hamper gets filled up, we wash our dishes to be able to reuse them, take the garbage out, preserve a garden or lawn, recycle, and so much more. So, how come when it comes to vacationing, we lose sight of our sanitation and admiration?

Image result for green vacation gif

Don’t pause on being respectful and environmentally friendly because we desire to be pampered on vacation. We should treat mother Earth the same way we would handle our own homes because Earth is our home base! Respect the environment and mother Earth and the locals will be thankful.

Image result for vacation gif

Clean Your Trash!

Related image

Just because a housekeeper comes into the hotel room to maintain all the rooms, doesn’t mean it is respectful to leave everything a complete disaster for her to clean or because there are landscapers, they will clean the trash off the land. Especially when it comes to trash! Use a garbage can. If you are walking through the halls of the resort or outside walking the paths to the beach, find a garbage can, don’t just throw your trash onto the ground and if the locals recycle, then you recycle as well. Keep the environment clean, so that it will maintain its beauty. Be respectful to the employees and the resort.

Bring a Reusable Water Bottle

Image result for drinking out of reusable bottle on beach

Bring a reusable water bottle with you when you travel. If it is empty, it will pass through TSA with no problem. But, by bringing your own bottle, you are saving plastic bottles from being used. Which is great because it requires fossil fuels polluting the air to break down plastic in the landfills. So, think green about plastic because you don’t want the beautiful environment, clean air, and breathtaking oceans to be polluted and ruined.

Think Local

Related image

By supporting local business; like farmers markets, local restaurants, souvenir stands, and much more; you are supporting local agriculture which means that they don’t need to outsource to other countries for branded products. Plus, you are keeping the locals happy, supporting their culture, and learning about their history. It is a great way to show them that there are benefits to tourism.

Choose Green Activities

Image result for green activities on vacation

Earth-friendly activities are great for being environmentally friendly. Plus, they are also super fun. So, look into activities like snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking, biking, and hiking. Not only do you get to try new activities, but this is another great way to learn about their culture and what the land has to offer. Most importantly! It will reduce your carbon footprint. (NOTE: A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouses gases produced to support your activities.)

Use Biodegradable Sunscreen

Related image

Save the coral reefs! Save the oceans! Every day we need to remember and appreciate our oceans because without them, we wouldn’t have beautiful beaches to explore all over the world and we wouldn’t have gorgeous marine life to discover. By wearing biodegradable sunscreen, you are protecting the oceans ecosystem.

Continue to think green and keep our environment alive!

Minerals of Mexico

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SIXTY MINERALS HAVE BEEN CLAIMED IN MEXICO; which means that’s where they were first found and studied. Mexico has been mined dating back to pre-historic times and continues to produce substantial quantities of prized minerals. It is one of the top 3 countries for largest suppliers of collectable minerals; Brazil and the US included. The intrusive igneous rock formation, geological events, and semi-arid climate of Mexico have worked together to create this mineral paradise.

Amethyst is one of the most effective stones for healing, that’s why it received the name,” All-healer.” The energy is transformed into positivity and love. It is the healer of anxiety. It transmits neural signals through the head of calming and peaceful energy to soothe the mind, which then soothes the body. Amethyst was found in Vera Cruz and Guerrero, Mexico.

Fire Opal was born in the volcanoes of Mexico. It is when water meets the lava, hardening into a stone of vivid reds, oranges, and yellows. Fire Opal enhances creative energy, facilitates change, and guides progress. They protect against danger and empowers oneself to remove from a toxic situation.

Rosasite is a striking blue mineral, deeply calming and allows one to speak with clarity and with truth. It is useful for memory recall, support, strength, and sustainability. Rosasite is found in Durango, Mexico.

Golden Apatite enhances the vibration of mental clarity and strength of will. It brings a spiritual energy to the mind motivating faith and passion for life, and implanting a sense of self-worth and confidence. It gives balance to the mind and restores any emotional damage. This golden mineral was claimed in Durango, Mexico.

Grossular garnet empowers all things nurturing from Mother Earth, empowerments, hope, encourages gratitude, social growth, and service to the community. It is also the stone of appreciating abundance. Grossulars colors vary from sunrise to the greens of the earth and is found in Sierra de la Cruces and Coahuila, Mexico.

Topaz, the “crystal of potency,” radiates gentle soothing, healing, stimulating, and recharging powers. It empowers strength, inspiration, truth and forgiveness, and confidence. Increases faithfulness in love and friendships. It is all things needed to build a stable environment. Topaz was claimed in Tepetate, San Luis Potosí, and Zacatecas, Mexico.

Pyrite, often called “Fool’s Gold,” because of its shiny, gold exterior is actually the stone of hidden fire by striking it against metal or stone. Pyro means fire. This is the masculine stone of action, will, potential, stimulating idea flow, confidence, and persistence. It is also a shield against negative energy, emotional attacks, and physical harm. This talisman was found in Zacatecas, Mexico.

Silver is the mirror of emotions, the mind, love, and healing. It brings advantage, patience, and perseverance to the wearer. The metal is reflective, so it reflects any evil intent, like magical security, back to the sender. This energy is a magnificent conduit. There is a large abundance of silver all over Mexico, like Zacatecas is Mexico’s leading silver producing state, then Chihuahua, Durango, Sonora, Coahuila, and San Luis Potosi.

Danburite helps to “let your love light shine.” The love energy of this crystal brings serenity and peace to the heart. It relieves emotional pain and increases acceptance of self-love. Danburite will fill your life with love, happiness, and spiritual enlightenment.  It is mined in San Luis Potosí, Mexico.

Wulfenite is the stone of creativity and transformation. It helps the hard worker to overcome pessimism, procrastination, and self-defeating attitudes. It encourages determination, clarity, and inspires creative thoughts and ideas. This crystal is found Durango, Mexico.

Those are just 10 stones listed out of the 60 mined in Mexico. Some other stones are opal, rhodochrosite, legrandite, creedite, adamite, acanthite, pyrargyrite, boleite, polybasite, stephanite, floural, pyrrhotite, galena, smithsonite, goethite, calcite, hematite, hemimorphite, paradamite, mimetite, anhydrite, cumengite, stibiconite, agate, gypsum, cassiterite, scorodite, arsenopyrite, barite, and many, many more!

When you go to visit the Karisma Resorts in Mexico, the Vassa Spa at the Azul Resorts and Naay Spa at the El Dorado Resorts, are filled with healing crystals. They are placed in dishes, water fountains, scattered all over, if you keep your eyes open. Close your eyes, place your hand in the dish, and let the crystals energy pick you. Don’t be afraid to ask the locals about the minerals and their properties. They might be able to help you locate where you can mine your own crystals too!


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I think we can all agree that every once in a while, a moment in life happens, that makes us say “I need a vacation.” Usually it happens at home, in the work place, on a car ride, or you just hear someone say something that literally blows your mind. It’s okay. We have all been there and if you haven’t… you’re lying.Image result for i'm done with this job gif

To prove my point that we have all had moments like this; I searched on twitter, the hashtag #INeedAVacation, and constructed this blog of relatable “I need a vacation” moments, so that we can all laugh about the struggles of adulthood.

“54% of American’s don’t take Vacation…”

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ONE OF THE BIGGEST STATISTICS that will make you say “What!”, is the fact that 54% of America don’t take vacation time!

I know! I thought the same exact thing when I read that.

Not only is vacationing amazing because you get to spend X amount of days on an island, relaxing, while you have servers pamper you all day long, and get to walk around in a bathing suit without being judged… There are also some serious benefits that will improve your quality of life.

Positive HealthImage result for feeling healthy gif

Life is rough. You wake up, go to work all day, take care of your kids (or furbabies), clean and feed whoever is in your household, go to sleep, wake up, REPEAT. There’s no time in there for you to take care of yourself. While you are on vacation, you get to sleep more, eat more, soak in some Vitamin C, and give your body and mind a break. According to science, you can increase your health by 20% by taking one vacation.


Stress-reliefImage result for relax gif

Whether it’s the pressure at work, from your family, or just having a super busy schedule; taking a vacation gets you away from all the chaos in your life. It will dramatically reduce stress, anxiety, and mental and physical burnouts that you are feeling.


Productivity, Creativity, & InspirationImage result for creativity gif

Just like a battery, if we are over worked without a break, our batteries run low on juice. If our battery is low, we lose our creativity, our patience, are less helpful and hardworking, and make poor decisions. That’s why a few days on a vacation is beneficial, so that you have time to recharge your batteries, refuel and refresh yourself, and return energized.


Self-timeImage result for vacation time gif

When your life consists of focusing on everything else around you, but yourself, you are reducing your quality of life. Taking a vacation will give you the opportunity to reflect on yourself and the changes you can make to improve your lifestyle to make it better, make you realize the care you need to give to yourself, and a sense of peace. Experiencing an island escape will be good for your mind, your body, and most importantly, yourself.


HappinessImage result for happiness vacation gif

Science says taking a vacation improves your happiness, so don’t you want to be happy? Then take a vacation!

Why Everyone Should Unplug While on Vacation

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EVERYONE, FROM GENERATION Z TO BABY BOOMERS, seems to be obsessed with their electronic devices. Whether it is their iPhone, tablet, gaming console, etc., it seems like we are always plugged into our devices more than we are plugged into the actual world around us. That’s why, when we’re on vacation, we need to put the electronics down and try to forget about their existence. Put the devices down slowly, walk away, and actually enjoy the beautiful world that surrounds you!

How often do you go out to dinner, look around, and see a family of five with their noses in their phones instead of actually engaging in conversation? How many times have you been that family?

How often have you gone into a mandatory work meeting, and instead of conversing with your co-workers and asking about their new puppy or their kids, you’re scrolling through social media and praying that nobody tries to talk to you?

How often are you at a party and nod your head at the person who is trying to engage in conversation with you, wishing they would just go away because you want to get back to examining your Instagram homepage?

How often have you tripped over the sidewalk or run into a glass door because your eyes were fixated on your phone instead of on your surroundings (I’m totally not saying this happens to me on a regular basis)?

If you said no to all of these, you’re probably lying.

I could go on and on, but my point is, how often are we “too busy”, wrapped up in the online world, instead of paying attention to the very real, very exciting one right in front of us?

Way. Too. Often.

So, when you’re on vacation, put the phone down and look up. Look around. Take in your surroundings. Enjoy the cultures, the sceneries, the smells, and the activities you’re participating in. The entire point of vacation is to break away from the mundane of your everyday life. But, if you’re still constantly on your device, the only thing that’s different is the ground you’re walking on!

Image result for using your phone on vacation

Believe me, I’m not against technology. I love Instagram and iMessage; it helps me stay in contact with all of my favorite people! But, vacations are meant for us to disconnect from the outside world, to relax, and to reflect on who we are and what we want out of life. Being so connected to our devices means that we’re really only halfway experiencing everything. We’re documenting this activity on Snapchat and posting this picture to Instagram and checking how many likes you got at this “check-in” on Facebook. In doing all of that, we aren’t actually enjoying these experiences… we’re actually just documenting them for everyone to think we are having the time of our life, but in reality, we are just drowning in our phones.

It’s so important to live in the moment—to be present in our own lives. We tend to think that our online presence makes or breaks us. The number of followers we have on Instagram or the number of friends we have on Facebook is somehow equivalent to our self-worth. But isn’t that silly? You aren’t measured by how many likes you get on your latest photo or how many comments you receive on your newest status update.

Carpe diem, guys! Live in the present and enjoy every second of this beautiful thing we get to experience called life.

A Little Self-Help to Lift You Up

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TAKING A VACATION MEANS REMOVING YOURSELF FROM ANY NEGATIVE THOUGHTS, unplugging from reality, recuperating, relaxing, and recharging your batteries. It’s a time for you to reflect on the importance of self-love, taking that the time to remove any stress, and to find a new perspective on the way life should be lived.

Image result for reading on a beach gif

If you’re like me, then music or a book, is your go-to for the ultimate relaxation, but it can’t just be any book or any kind of playlist. The music has to consist of positive songs and relaxing beats. The same goes for a book to read on vacation.

When you are trying to relax and recharge, you’re not going to read a suspenseful murder plot, right? No.

This is a time to look for motivation, inspiration, advice, insight, and to change your outlook on life. That’s why self-help books are the ultimate go-to for a vacationing book because they have all those characteristics that you desire while on vacation.

I know when you think of self-help, you instantly think of overcoming physical/mental/sexual abuse, alcohol/drug addiction, illnesses, etc., but not all self-help books pertain to that. They are about overcoming any life situation, maintaining a positive outlook in life, and becoming an all around better person.

Because I am so passionate about the impact of self-help books, I have conducted for you the 5 BEST self-help books to give you that inspiration and motivation your looking for, while on vacation.

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

By Don Miquel Ruiz

  1. Be impeccable with your word.
  2. Don’t take anything personally.
  3. Don’t make assumptions.
  4. Always do your best.

Full of grace and simple truth, this book is a gift to anyone that is making an elementary change in life.

Be Here Now

By Ram Dass

This guide to self-determination is a true message. It brings you on the path to metamorphosis, path to enlightenment, and to find your truest inner-self. Trust indefinitely and love infinitely.

“We’re talking about going from a caterpillar to a butterfly. We’re talking about how to become a butterfly.” – Ram Dass

The Alchemist

By Paulo Coelho

This inspiring tale of self-discovery, is filled with wisdom and wonder. It’s a journey that teaches us the essentials of listening to our hearts, recognizing opportunity, and following our dreams.

Peace Is Every Breath: A Practice for Our Busy Lives

By Thich Nhat Hanh

This guide to living a fuller life, is a deeply insightful meditation. It teaches us how to practice mindfulness into our every waking moment. It opens a pathway to a greater spiritual fulfillment through its patient examination of how we live our lives.

“You cannot say, “I’m just too busy, I have no time for meditation.” No. Walking from one building to another, walking from the parking lot to your office, you can always enjoy walking mindfully, and enjoy every one of your steps. Each step you take in mindfulness can help you release the tension in your body, release the tension in your feelings, and bring about healing, joy, and transformation.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

By Elizabeth Gilbert

Embrace your curiosity and let go of needless suffering. In this book, she shows us how to take on what we love most and to face down what we fear most. We are encouraged to uncover the “strange jewels” that are hidden in each of us. Whether we are; looking to write a book, make art, find new ways to address challenges in our work, embark on a dream long deferred, or simply infuse our everyday lives with more mindfulness and passion, Big Magic gives opens a world of wonder and joy.

Image result for open your minds eye gif

Taking the time to read books like this on vacation, will help your mentality tremendously. You will feel new and be ready to take on your everyday life with a more open minded, confident, and empowering mindset!

Airplane Etiquette: Be a Friendly Flyer

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There are numerous types of people who sit next to you on planes: the one who calmly flips through a magazine with their headphones in, the other who is a nervous wreck who can’t stop fidgeting and gasps anytime the seatbelt light comes on, and lastly the man spreading slob who takes over your entire area. Whatever the case may be, being courteous and utilizing airplane manors, will make your inflight experience (as well as theirs,) much more enjoyable.

Here are five rules of airplane etiquette to follow to ensure a stress-free and more-comfortable flight.Image result for airplane etiquette gif

Related image

Help Each Other

If you see someone looks lost, stop and help them with directions or if someone is struggling to place their overhead bag in the bin, just give it a push. It doesn’t take much to be a kind person and help someone out. You should always strive for good karma for your future.

Image result for airplane etiquette gif

Respect Your (Limited) Space

It is not enjoyable to be cramped up in a tiny seat for X amount of time with very minimal space. So, it is always nice when you respect your space and the person next to you respects there’s. Evenly share the arm rests with your neighbor and don’t lean your chair all the way back if the person behind you will be utilizing there tray table. It’s about understanding each other feelings and being respectful.

Image result for talking on a plane gif

Watch Your Volume

A lot of people try to sleep on their flights just to get that little bit of rest because traveling is tedious or they utilize this time to read a book, listen to music, or watch their television show. So, just be courteous of the people surrounding you and keep your voice at a low volume. If the person next you is clearly in their own zone; give them their space. Don’t break their concentration by initiating conversation. Silence is golden.

Image result for taking someones pillow on a plane gif

Don’t Be THAT Napper

If you know you are going to be napping on the plane, be prepared and pack a neck pillow. They are great for upright sleeping, so that you  are not, little by little, slumping over onto your neighbors shoulders. They are already super uncomfortable in their tight space, they don’t need a stranger resting on their shoulder.

Image result for talking on the phone on a plane gif


A tight airplane space, is not the place to bring some chili to eat or a fast food hamburger. Everyone from the first row to the back row, will be able to smell your meal and it will be nauseating. Be mindful of the type of food you carry on; preferable bland food or snacks that do not have an odor to it.

Follow these 5 major airplane etiquette rules and your fellow passengers will thank you in the long run!

Luxevo Vacations : Through My Eyes

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AS I’M BALANCING THE PLATES ON MY ARMS while walking up to the table to place them in front of the customers, I daydream about what it would be like to feel like I am on a permanent vacation in the sun, relaxing near a beach, and just in a complete state of tranquility. I also think to myself how awesome it would be to be able to use my creative writing ability and English BA degree that I endured four LONG years of college for (you millennials get it.)

Image result for waitressing gif

Well, with the power of prayer and A LOT of patience in customer service, I received the most amazing phone call from the voice of an angel.

“Hi Kellie, this is Jenn at Luxēvo Vacations. I was wondering if you were able to come in on Wednesday at 11 am for a job interview for our Lead Copywriter position?”

I thought it was too good to be true. A copy writer position? Writing? Me writing? Duh! Of course, I will be there Wednesday at 11am!

I woke up Wednesday with a little pep in my step. I got ready and looked my best, in my business attire. I had my social media and writing samples portfolio ready and I was on my way.

My commute was only 7 minutes. Such a perk for someone that loves to sleep in… all the time.

I walked into Luxēvo Vacations corporate office with a big smile on my face. Everyone welcomed me with open arms and gave me a tour of their gorgeous, modern office.

I interviewed with Miranda, Derek, and Dustin and it felt so natural. Just people my age, who get it… who get me. We got to know one another, talked about the job position, and just chit chatted. I left that interview feeling confident and with the desire to work there, so bad.

Image result for job interview gif

…well… not even a half hour after I left the interview, Jenn called me up and asked me to come in for a second interview, Tuesday at 10:30 am. Hallelujah! Yes! I will be there!

I worked the rest of the week at my other job and just wanted to be out of the food and beverage industry. Like I actually felt like wanting to tell someone to get their own drink or stop talking and just give me your order… but I didn’t. I contained myself and got the job done.

So, when Tuesday came, I was so excited to get back into their office. I didn’t know my fate, but for some reason it just felt so right to be in that office, surrounded by those people. Yes, those Luxevo people.

Anyway… back to it… I wasn’t even sat down in the seat yet when they offered me the job position. I was ecstatic, but I totally played it cool, like completely casual… I told them I’m giving my resignation to my current job once I leave here and I will start that following Monday.

Back at the restaurant… I was very excited to give my resignation letter to my supervisor. I was moving on to bigger and better things… the start of my career as a Lead Copywriter! I said my goodbyes and never looked back at customer service again.

Image result for quit job gif


Fast forward to 3 months later… I am part of the Luxēvo Vacations Team, the Luxēvo family.

This is no ordinary business. This is a place of pure happiness, a place to be yourself and work together as a team, and a place to call home. I never thought in a million years, I would have a job that doesn’t feel like work. I get to do what I love to do; write, write, and write some more, with a group of people that I truly love to be around.

From day 1, I felt like I belong there.

Jenn became my work “Ma.” Being states away from my mom, I miss her. I have my moments where I miss the sound of her Brooklyn accent, her Italian demeanor, and just the way she will critique me with her honest opinion (It’s an Italian family thing). So, when I met Jenn and heard her heavy, New York accent and the way she was so honest and blunt with me. She gave me that motherly, harsh love that I have been missing from my own Mom and it really brought me a sense of comfort (again, it’s an Italian thing.)

Miranda, my birthday twin, trained me to the best of her ability on how to write emails, blogs, social media, marketing templates, etc. We work together and are inseparable. She is my go to when I have any questions. Together, we sound like two hyenas laughing together and once we start, we can’t stop. I’m surprised we haven’t been separated yet… (SHHHH). No but on the real, when work needs to get done, we go into straight professional mode and work, work, work (No Rihanna pun intended).

Image result for 2 friends laughing gif

Those aren’t the only people I am close with. I have really built a strong relationship with all my crazy co-workers, like Derek, Dustin, Joey, Graham, Henry, Samantha, Rolf, Cole, Burt, Patricia, David, Ashely, Nicole, Michael, and Woofer. We do team building exercises on a daily basis, afterwork outings, and eat snacks together. We are a family, a family that picks on each other all day, and laughs about it in the end. With all of our unique abilities, together, we complete Luxēvo Vacations.

Image result for family hugging gif

On May 16, I attend my first FAM trip with them. We are heading to Karisma Resort El Dorado Seaside Suites in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. I am beyond excited to be part of this experience. Just the thought of going to a Caribbean Island for work, is everything that I have dreamed of. Combining my love for writing and my love for lying on the beach doing absolutely nothing but focusing on how tan I can get, into one, truly is something that I will forever be thankful for.

Thank you to my team at Luxevo Vacations for welcoming me into your crazy family!

Image result for family vacation gif

***HINT*** follow the blog page for more details about the FAM trip!