The Value of a Travel Specialist

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By Julia Chapman

DID YOU KNOW THE AVERAGE TRAVELER spends 60 hours planning their next vacation?

Let a Luxevo Vacations Travel Specialist free up your time to do what you do best because building a client’s vacation is what we do best!

Many don’t realize that when you hire a travel agent to book your vacation, you aren’t being charged a fee for their expertise. The supplier pays us so you don’t have to.  With that being said; there are some things to keep in mind.

Keep an open mind

Our job is to make your dreams come true.

The three E’s of Travel….  Experience, Expectation, Expense.

Your answer to these questions will give us a good idea of what you’re looking for, and make a professional recommendation. Remember, we’ve been to these destinations and have first-hand knowledge of what that destination has to offer.

Air itineraries 

Travel agents know the essentials to booking flights that are the best value.

So often, we have clients that refuse to fly certain airlines; either because of a bad experience or their extra fees.

We want you to spend your time enjoying your vacation and not on an airplane or sitting in an airport due to long connections.

It’s important to see the whole picture; and we help you do just that.

Would you drive 3 hours to save several hundred dollars on a flight that is non-stop both directions? Or is convenience worth the price? 

Did you know that the airlines with extra fees are actually less expensive (including the fees) than most other airlines? Did you know there are charter flights out of select airports across the nation?

We KNOW this information.

So, when we show you options for flights, we are providing you with the best options to make your traveling experience a breeze.

Online booking engines

Such as Expedia, Travelocity, and many other… unfortunately CHARGE FEES!

They are hidden, but they are there.

Why would you book your vacation with an online agency that doesn’t specialize and train travel agents?

These booking engines may pull up a rate that is less; but when you dig into the specifics of the reservation; your flights are impossible, times are limited, and they DO NOT guarantee a certain room category. You may arrive at your destination expecting an ocean front room, and end up in the lowest category.

Did you know we will match whatever you find online apples to apples?

When you get bumped from that ocean front suite, will the thousands of online “agents” be there to help? No. But we will.

In fact, we have relationships with the sales team at the resorts. Usually a phone call from a reputable agent is all it takes to ensure your satisfaction!

International travel

Do you know the passport and visa requirements in the country you are traveling to?

Perhaps you are going to tour Europe. Every country is different. Some countries will deny entry based on your criminal past, even just a DUI. And while you aren’t required to hold a passport for cruise travel; we highly recommend having one. If something happens at one of your ports of call, you won’t be able to board an airplane back to the United States without a passport.

Ask the expert and be informed!

Travel insurance is so important!

We want to protect YOU and your investment.

So, when we offer you travel insurance, it’s because we care.

Keep in mind that something could prevent you from going on your vacation and we want to be able to get you all your money back, if something were to happen.

For your next trip, call a Luxevo Vacations Travel Specialist!

“We are committed to providing you with the most premium travel experience you have ever had. We’ll ensure you are duly informed of everything you need and have a safe and relaxing vacation that will fulfill your needs.”

Julia Chapman
Luxevo Vacation Travel Specialist

Ready to book your next vacation? Get in contact with a Travel Specialist today!

Pinching Pennies to Poolside in Paradise

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There are so many cliché mottos based on living your life, such as,

YOLO (you only live one)

live your life to the fullest

live your best life

live, laugh, love

and probably so many more!

Image result for live your life to the fullest gif

The reality is that it’s easy to say these mottos, but ask yourself the question, are you really living your best life, or living life to the fullest?

I’ll let you think about that one.

For me, as an example, I can honestly say I wasn’t living my dream life. I was working long hours in the restaurant industry as a waitress for almost 10 years, working my butt off to just skimp by with tips. I didn’t know if my bills were going to be paid on time and the amount of money I made at the end of a 4-hour shift or 10-hour shift changed on a daily basis. It was inconsistent and just all around rough.

What kind of life is that?

That’s not living your best life. That’s living a life of stress, fear, disappointment, and struggle.

I am 26 years old with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and English. Call me a millennial, but I am just trying to live my life and be happy.

I knew that after finishing college, I probably wasn’t going to have my dream job right away.  But, if I had known that I was going to spend the next 10 years of my life, waitressing, I wouldn’t have buried my head in student loans. And if I had known that after 10 years of waitressing, I still wouldn’t have a job that I wanted to turn into a career, I wouldn’t have left living with my parents and emptied my bank account just trying to pay for rent.

Wu Tang Clan said it best, “cash rules everything around me.”

This day and age, so many of us are living a life, pay check to pay check, just trying to get by and survive. You can’t get a job because you don’t have any experience on your resume, but you can’t get any experience because you can’t get a job! It’s heartbreaking that we spend more days as slaves, rather than spending our life creating new memories, going on adventures, or growing in a spiritual way that spreads positivity.

We are fighters. We are warriors. We are survivors.

If you are tired of living a life of struggle, rather than a life of memories and adventure…

I have a solution for you.

A solution that will enable you to live your best life, travel while working based on your own time schedule, free from financial struggles, and joining a community of people who have the same beliefs and desires as you.

My solution, work with Luxevo Vacations.

All it took was someone to give me a chance, someone to see what I was capable of doing in my career field, and for someone to say you’re hired, for me to break through my dark cloud of misery and to experience the light of hope.

I am now the Lead Copywriter and WordPress administrator for our LXVN Magazine, and social media assistant. I have been working with Luxēvo Vacations for only 6 months and I have been on more adventures with this group of people, than ever in my lifetime, and they just keep on coming.

Luxevo Vacations gave me that chance to live my life and they will do the same for you.

We are just a group of ordinary people who understand that life can be a struggle, but it doesn’t have to be. We all came from different backgrounds; customer service, construction, fresh out of college or high school, or no education at all, so we get it.

Life gets busy, bills have to be paid, family has grown up and moved around the world leaving you with no time to see them, you’re so busy you don’t have any time to take a vacation or even just a personal day, but not here.

At Luxevo Vacations, they give you the freedom to travel, to work anywhere in the world, on your own time schedule. Their trainings help you learn about ins and outs of the travel industry, selling travel, and becoming a top Travel Specialist. This is the kind of career opportunity that can take you from struggling, to being completely debt free.

So, now let me ask you this…

Are you ready to change your life?

Are you ready to live your best life, be free to travel, work on your own time schedule, become free from debt, and join the Luxevo Vacations movement?

We want to change the way people work. We want people to completely live their best life to the fullest, traveling the world, creating memories, and to just be happy. It is time to stop merely saying those cliché mottos; its time to live them.

You may be thinking, “that all sounds great, but I want to know more”.  If you are ready to embark on this new life adventure but just need a little more information…

Sign up for Luxevo Vacations Founder, Burt Kramer’s FREE live webinar today!

In his webinar, Burt shares his “Three Secret’s for Success Selling Travel”, as well as his vision for creating an opportunity for people looking to live a more fulfilled life by working in the travel industry.

 “I have spent over 15 years in the travel industry working with thousands of travel agents perfecting a proven process that’s allowing ordinary people to break into travel and become successful and fulfilled,” Burt said.

Seizing the opportunity to work with Luxevo Vacations was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

It changed my life, and it can change yours too.

Don’t Call Me an Agent, I am a Specialist

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THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO BEING A TRAVEL SPECIALIST, than just simply booking a trip somewhere. There is the who, what, when, where, and why of planning a trip; knowing where that special somewhere is, based on that persons’ motives or desires. There is the knowledge of knowing exactly what they should pack based on what kind of vacation they are planning and building an itinerary to make it the best vacation they have ever been on! Not everyone knows the time and effort Travel Specialists put into their jobs, so here are some things that TRAVEL SPECIALIST want YOU to know about their careers.

  1. Travel Specialists have spent most of their careers building relationships with their suppliers and resort business managers, expanding on their brand, and marketing themselves all over the world, so that their clients can enjoy exclusive VIP access, treatments, and special amenities.
  2. Travel Specialists do more than just book your flight and hotel. They provide you with a packing list and travel hacks. They will help you build your itinerary and give you advice on what’s best. They will be there for you when changes happen or mishaps. They become more than just a Travel Specialist, they become your friend to lean on.Image result for hugging funny gif
  3. Travel Specialists will never try to scam you out of your money. That is why they understand the value of you, your trip, and your money; so, they will always offer travel insurance to protect you.
  4. Travel Specialists are regular people too! They understand that life gets busy, schedules fill up, work gets in the way, the family needs some TLC; they get it! That is why they are there to do the planning for you.
  5. Travel Specialists want to keep their name proud and positive, so they will be honest with you about a location or a resort, because they want you to be happy with them and your experience. They have the first-hand experience and knowledge, so their opinion will matterImage result for travel agent gif
  6. You are a Travel Specialists number one priority. They care about your feelings, your opinions, your desires, your motives, and your experience. The more information they have about you, the better they can tailor it towards you.
  7. Travel Specialist will always keep in contact with you, with follow up with emails and reminders about things you will need for your trip, itinerary dates and times, and if there is anything else you will need.
  8. You are getting more bang for your buck when you book through a Travel Specialist. They can add on so many complimentary things like complimentary daily breakfast, spa specials, food and beverage credit, and whatever other possible upgrades of your desire.
  9. When Travel Specialist take the time to visit these locations and resorts, it’s not all fun and games. Most of the time Travel Specialist are taking notes and doing their research on the best of the best, consulting the employees and business managers to get their name known, and get top notch information for your well-being when you vacation there!
  10. Travel Specialists work for you! They are devoted to making this vacation a once in a lifetime, magical experience for you.Image result for travel agent funny gif

It takes a special kind of person to be a Travel Specialist. Someone that can build your dream vacation from the ground up. They take their time, work long hours, and make sure to get your approval from all aspects because YOU MATTER TO THEM.

The Power of Follow Up Emails

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BEING A TRAVEL SPECIALIST, develops a tendency of getting hectic, chaotic, hardworking, and whatever other words you can think of that describe being busy.

By maintaining a busy schedule and keeping in contact with your clients, improve your success, your business, and enhance your productivity is with follow up emails to your clients!

Follow up emails show your clients that you care about them and their vacationing needs. If you are constantly sending them emails asking them about their requests, how they are, their opinions, and any additional services; they will start to build a personal relationship with you. Building a trust with your clients is healthy because they will feel comfortable to come to you with inquiries and want to request your services again for another trip.

Image result for checking your email gif

To keep your clients excited for your emails, make them witty by adding any extra information. For most travelers, they are first-timers or traveling experts. They are learning about the experience of traveling, the culture of a new place, food, languages, people, etc. So, sending out follow up emails with blog ideas, like travel and packing hacks, information about where they are going, and sites to see, will keep your clients on their toes waiting for your next informative email.

Instead of just sending an email with your clients itinerary, checking in, and finishing the sale. Keep it personal! Let your personality come through and put yourself into those emails. Think to yourself, “if I was on vacation, what would I want from my travel specialist?” Be honest, be unique, be attentive, and be compassionate. Give those emails some feeling.

Image result for checking your email gif

Specialization: The Strategy that Could Revolutionize the Travel Industry

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For years, the travel industry has been dominated by this “We offer everything under the sun, with an extra dose of sunshine,” mentality.

Travel agents have been encouraged by their host travel agencies to fall in line with this mindset and sell everything from bottom-dollar weekend cruises, to top-of-the-line month-long getaways.  Which when you step back and look at this approach at a macro level, it is not only puzzling, it is simply poor business sense.

Go by any news stand and flip to the business section and you will find articles on the continuing decent of many industry-dominating big box stores.  While there are a number of reasons for this, including technological advances and changing consumer shopping preferences, one undoubtedly cannot deny that overlooking the benefits of specialization has been a contributing factor.

Big box stores including Sears, Kmart, and most recently Toys “R” Us have all faced bankruptcy partially due to a core business model failure and a refusal to adapt in the face of shifting market demands.

The core belief behind big box stores inherently revolves around one-stop-shopping.  Over time, and with ever-increasing purchasing options in the marketplace, generalization is a strategy that consumers are ever-increasingly less tolerant of.

A huge reason the marketplace is rejecting generalization boils down to one thing; customer service.

When a company offers an enormous variety of products, customer service inherently suffers due to the watered-down training that its employees receive in order to cover a mass amount of information in a relatively short on-boarding process.

A relatable example is the type of customer care one usually receives at Walmart.  While the options are endless, unless one goes in knowing exactly what they are looking for, one could get lost in a sea of choices with little to no guidance on finding the product that is right for them because it would be impossible for employees to have specialized knowledge ranging on everything from butter to bicycle pumps.

In short, “jack of all trades, master at none” can lead to undesirable customer retention rates.  Which is why it would be foolish for host travel agencies and their travel agents to believe that they would be excluded from the undeniable business truth that there is strength in specialization.

This paradigm shift from focusing on everything, to specializing in a few key areas has the potential to prove crucial for people seeking to sell travel in today’s market.

Specializing in one area such as a singular resort chain, or a specific type of vacation package has a number of benefits including smaller learning curves upon entry into the industry, a narrowed sales focus, and a higher perception of authority among prospective clients.

Typically, when someone becomes a travel agent their welcomed with a sea of informational material coming from a swarm resort chains and are expected to at least breeze over them.  And while some information will be retained, most will be lost.

This is a problem that travel industry veteran, Burt Kramer recognized and has sought to change in his latest venture Luxevo Vactions.  When he founded Luxevo Vacations, he structured the business to revolve around specialization and customer service, which has been a major factor in the development of the company’s culture.

Luxevo Vacations has gone as far as refusing to follow industry norms and call their representatives travel agents, but rather brand them as Travel Specialists.

“After spending over 15 years in the travel industry, we noticed that the travel agents who had a narrower focus on what they sold tended to do better.  They were more knowledgeable, made more sales, and their client were more loyal to them.  When we started Luxevo Vacations we wanted to set up our Travel Specialists for success by educating them, showing them the value of specialization, and providing them with the tools to be successful,” Burt told LXVN.

Luxevo Vacations Travel Specialists are also armed with the knowledge of what resort chains and tour companies have renowned customer service, so they don’t waste their time burning bridges with clients who get sent to resorts that aren’t everything they say they are.

Luxevo Vacations is seeking to revolutionize the travel industry with a culture that is customer-service based and specialization driven. In a marketplace where customer service is significant, and specialization is demanded, Luxevo Vacations may just have the key to standing out.

Matterport: As Real as Being There

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VISUALS ARE ESSENTIAL IN SELLING TRAVEL OR MARKETING TODAY.  The buyer wants to feel as if they’re there, in the hotel room or on location; even if they’re just staring at a picture on their phone. That’s why high-quality photography is essential in marketing today.

Here at Luxēvo Vacations, we take it a step further. Not only utilizing high-quality photography, but constantly incorporating new technologies to help our Travel Specialists find their clients’ dream vacation. This is why we’ve teamed up with our friends at Firelight Images to utilize the 3D lidar scanning technology behind Matterport.

I know, I know, “What is Matterport?”

Matterport is a three-dimensional (3D) camera system that allows the users to experience real-world spaces as if they were right there, digitally. So basically, it allows the viewers to take a virtual tour of the location. With professional HDR photography (high dynamic range), they showcase the property with extra detail and vivid colors, while retaining a natural look. It gives our clients a more realistic sense of being there, rather than trying to imagine what it would be like if they were there through a flash photograph.

Our Matterport technology allows our clients to experience the resorts before they step foot on the actual property; giving them first-hand knowledge of the quality, they can expect from the properties we sell. At Luxevo Vacations, we believe in bringing travel into the 21st century, and utilizing new, cutting edge technologies to provide our clients with memories they can truly cherish forever.


For more information! Check out! LuxevoVacations

Luxevo Vacations : Through My Eyes

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AS I’M BALANCING THE PLATES ON MY ARMS while walking up to the table to place them in front of the customers, I daydream about what it would be like to feel like I am on a permanent vacation in the sun, relaxing near a beach, and just in a complete state of tranquility. I also think to myself how awesome it would be to be able to use my creative writing ability and English BA degree that I endured four LONG years of college for (you millennials get it.)

Image result for waitressing gif

Well, with the power of prayer and A LOT of patience in customer service, I received the most amazing phone call from the voice of an angel.

“Hi Kellie, this is Jenn at Luxēvo Vacations. I was wondering if you were able to come in on Wednesday at 11 am for a job interview for our Lead Copywriter position?”

I thought it was too good to be true. A copy writer position? Writing? Me writing? Duh! Of course, I will be there Wednesday at 11am!

I woke up Wednesday with a little pep in my step. I got ready and looked my best, in my business attire. I had my social media and writing samples portfolio ready and I was on my way.

My commute was only 7 minutes. Such a perk for someone that loves to sleep in… all the time.

I walked into Luxēvo Vacations corporate office with a big smile on my face. Everyone welcomed me with open arms and gave me a tour of their gorgeous, modern office.

I interviewed with Miranda, Derek, and Dustin and it felt so natural. Just people my age, who get it… who get me. We got to know one another, talked about the job position, and just chit chatted. I left that interview feeling confident and with the desire to work there, so bad.

Image result for job interview gif

…well… not even a half hour after I left the interview, Jenn called me up and asked me to come in for a second interview, Tuesday at 10:30 am. Hallelujah! Yes! I will be there!

I worked the rest of the week at my other job and just wanted to be out of the food and beverage industry. Like I actually felt like wanting to tell someone to get their own drink or stop talking and just give me your order… but I didn’t. I contained myself and got the job done.

So, when Tuesday came, I was so excited to get back into their office. I didn’t know my fate, but for some reason it just felt so right to be in that office, surrounded by those people. Yes, those Luxevo people.

Anyway… back to it… I wasn’t even sat down in the seat yet when they offered me the job position. I was ecstatic, but I totally played it cool, like completely casual… I told them I’m giving my resignation to my current job once I leave here and I will start that following Monday.

Back at the restaurant… I was very excited to give my resignation letter to my supervisor. I was moving on to bigger and better things… the start of my career as a Lead Copywriter! I said my goodbyes and never looked back at customer service again.

Image result for quit job gif


Fast forward to 3 months later… I am part of the Luxēvo Vacations Team, the Luxēvo family.

This is no ordinary business. This is a place of pure happiness, a place to be yourself and work together as a team, and a place to call home. I never thought in a million years, I would have a job that doesn’t feel like work. I get to do what I love to do; write, write, and write some more, with a group of people that I truly love to be around.

From day 1, I felt like I belong there.

Jenn became my work “Ma.” Being states away from my mom, I miss her. I have my moments where I miss the sound of her Brooklyn accent, her Italian demeanor, and just the way she will critique me with her honest opinion (It’s an Italian family thing). So, when I met Jenn and heard her heavy, New York accent and the way she was so honest and blunt with me. She gave me that motherly, harsh love that I have been missing from my own Mom and it really brought me a sense of comfort (again, it’s an Italian thing.)

Miranda, my birthday twin, trained me to the best of her ability on how to write emails, blogs, social media, marketing templates, etc. We work together and are inseparable. She is my go to when I have any questions. Together, we sound like two hyenas laughing together and once we start, we can’t stop. I’m surprised we haven’t been separated yet… (SHHHH). No but on the real, when work needs to get done, we go into straight professional mode and work, work, work (No Rihanna pun intended).

Image result for 2 friends laughing gif

Those aren’t the only people I am close with. I have really built a strong relationship with all my crazy co-workers, like Derek, Dustin, Joey, Graham, Henry, Samantha, Rolf, Cole, Burt, Patricia, David, Ashely, Nicole, Michael, and Woofer. We do team building exercises on a daily basis, afterwork outings, and eat snacks together. We are a family, a family that picks on each other all day, and laughs about it in the end. With all of our unique abilities, together, we complete Luxēvo Vacations.

Image result for family hugging gif

On May 16, I attend my first FAM trip with them. We are heading to Karisma Resort El Dorado Seaside Suites in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. I am beyond excited to be part of this experience. Just the thought of going to a Caribbean Island for work, is everything that I have dreamed of. Combining my love for writing and my love for lying on the beach doing absolutely nothing but focusing on how tan I can get, into one, truly is something that I will forever be thankful for.

Thank you to my team at Luxevo Vacations for welcoming me into your crazy family!

Image result for family vacation gif

***HINT*** follow the blog page for more details about the FAM trip!

Ain’t nothing like the FAM (review blog)

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The FAM Trip mission: go to Riviera Maya and Playa del Carmen, Mexico, and visit as many Karisma Resorts as possible over the course of five days.

(SIDENOTE: a FAM trip, is a FAMiliarization trip).

We stayed at and got the full Karisma experience at El Dorado Seaside Suites, but we got to explore and just get a little taste of the other eight nearby resorts that Karisma offers.  While there we visited:

  • El Dorado Maroma,
  • The Palafitos at El Dorado Maroma,
  • El Dorado Royale,
  • El Dorado Casitas Royale,
  • The Fives Azul Beach Resort Playa del Carmen,
  • Azul Beach Resort Riviera Maya,
  • Azul Beach Resort Riviera Cancun,
  • and Generations Riviera Maya.

El Dorado Seaside Suites was a fantasy come true. Once we stepped off the shuttle bus; we were greeted with cold, essential oil scented towels, and a glass of champagne. They take your luggage and bring it directly to your room, so you don’t even have to worry about it. The staff treats you like royalty and really makes the whole Karisma experience luxurious.

When I got the chance to step foot into my room, I almost fell to my knees in tears. It was stunning. White tile floors, white walls, California king size bed with all the pillows you can imagine, a rainfall shower, jacuzzi bathtub, mini fridge stocked with snacks and beverages, and a champagne bottle on ice.  However, the best part was stepping out onto my patio and seeing my own swim out into the infinity pool that overlooks the beach. It was absolutely breathtaking.

I was just in awe by the amount of creative detail that was put into this resort. It was the perfect place for a group trip because there were different activities for different demographics. The main pool had music blasting, volleyball, a swim up bar, Jacuzzis on both sides, and the beach was just a few steps away, so you could relax on a hammock or take a nap in your own cabana. You could spend your day at spa, in the gym, or playing tennis.  Also, the night life was alive. There were numerous bars open till 2 am, with music and dancing, so there was always something for us to do after hours. It was a pleasure to stay there.

The gourmet inclusive experience was delicious. Every restaurant was diverse in what they offered with very unique atmospheres. Between appetizers, entrees, and desserts; I rolled out of every restaurant so full, but so happy.

It’s one thing to be spoiled by one resort, but when you get the opportunity to explore 9 resorts in 5 days… I am just filled with so much gratitude. We were able to sample a little bit of all their unique styles, what they have to offer, taste delicious meals, premium drinks, and just enjoy the entire Karisma experience at each of them. We are all so blessed and grateful to be able to experience a once in a lifetime trip like this.

My personal favorite day was the last one. We spent it at El Dorado Maroma and the Palafitos. The beauty and details in these resorts leave you completely inspired. Especially the Palafitos Overwater Bungalows. They had me daydreaming about vacationing there. With the clear turquoise water, the glass floors, the detail that goes into each room, and the peace and quiet as you are standing out on your balcony overlooking Maroma Beach is a mesmerizing experience that will leave you speechless.

The properties were gorgeous and so fun to explore, but Maroma Adventures is what had me ecstatic. We took a catamaran boat just far enough off of shore to where the water was calm, warm, and perfect for snorkeling. We gawked at the coral reef through the clear water, as so many different colored schools of fish that just happily swam around us. I can’t say it enough, but it was truly an amazing experience. As we continued to sail around Maroma beach, we played music, drank, danced, sang, and laughed together.

Once we were settled, the captain asked us if we like swings. “Well, yeah? Who doesn’t?”. So, he pulls out this rope swing attached to a parachute. He explains to us that it his 50% of him controlling the swing and the other 50% is whatever the wind wants to do. We all took turns flying around 15 ft in the air and jumping into the water. As scary as it looked, it was actually tons of fun. After the water adventures, we enjoyed a fresh buffet on the beach, listened to local tropical music, and just absorbed the beauty around us.

My 5 days spent in Mexico is an unforgettable memory. I was treated like royalty and felt like a queen. I lived in luxury and fully indulged in the Karisma Gourmet Inclusive experience. I ate things I never thought I would ever eat, I drank everything, and I did activities I never thought I would ever experience (like holding a hawk or jumping off a rope swing into the Maroma beach).  It was complete bliss. I was so glad to experience this with my Luxēvo Vacations family. I can’t wait for our next FAM trip together!

To become a Luxevo Vacations Travel Specialist and be part of our next FAM Trip, join the movement!

Let’s Talk Travel Insurance

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Would you buy a house and not get home insurance?

Exactly… Of course, you wouldn’t!

So why would you spend money on something as important and valuable as your vacation without getting travel insurance? Whether you’re planning an adventure-filled trip or a lay-on-the-beach-and-read getaway, your sanity is key in actually enjoying yourself.

Working with a Luxēvo Vacations Travel Specialist provides you with the security of knowing that you have a round-the-clock advocate with major travel network connections should any problems arise during your sweet escape. Thinking about something going wrong isn’t typically what travelers like to think about when they’re daydreaming about their vacation; and for a good reason, too! It’s scary. But the fact of the matter is, sometimes things are just out of our control

It’s a bird! It’s a plane!

No… it’s your travel insurance swooping in to save the day! When you purchase travel insurance, you are safeguarding your investment and guaranteeing your peace of mind.

Coverage of travel insurance often includes…

  • Trip interruption and emergency assistance
  • Trip cancellation (due to a family medical emergency, death, job loss, etc.)
  • Medical coverage (insurance companies usually do not cover you for illness or medical emergency while abroad)
  • Missed flights or missed connections
  • Baggage delay or baggage loss
  • Hurricane cancellation or natural disaster evacuation

Obviously, everyone, especially us, hopes that nothing like this happens to interfere with your sweet escape.

But, just in case…

You would be covered!

Are Travel Specialist Relevant Anymore?

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BEFORE THE INTERNET AND WIFI; travel agencies were key in planning any kind of vacation or getaway. They were the ones with the hottest deals and the inside connections to have you get the most bang for your buck. They had all of the necessary resources needed to help you create the vacation of your dreams.

But, in today’s world, you can book a trip with just a click of your mouse or a touch of your finger to your phone screen. Expedia, Travelocity, and Kayak, along with Air BnB and HomeAway, seem to have taken over the travel industry quickly and efficiently. So, that poses the question… Are travel specialists even relevant anymore?

Many people might think the answer to that particular question is, “no”. Those people are right, but they’re also very wrong. If you’re planning a road trip and plan on staying in an Air BnB, you probably don’t need a travel specialist to ride to your rescue (ha-ha, get it?) and help you plan your trip from start to finish. After all, the entire point of a road trip is to incorporate spontaneity and adventure into your time away! And if you’re flying from JFK to LAX and staying with family once you arrive for the duration of your stay, there isn’t a ton of planning involved aside from making sure your loved ones pick you up from the airport on time! Even if they do forget, Uber and Lyft can save the day.

However, what if you’re planning a luxury or complex vacation? What if you’re attempting to plan your honeymoon or anniversary trip? What if you’re traveling with your husband and his entire extended family? If you try to plan trips like these on your own, you’re going to end up needing a vacation from your vacation and trust me, no one wants that!

Here are some reasons why travel specialists, particularly Luxēvo Vacations, ARE still relevant.Image result for travel agent gif

Luxēvo Vacations Travel Specialists have access to a vast network of travel deals— ones that you can’t find on an online website just scrolling through reduced prices. We have a great number of connections within the industry and are able to get you the lowest price possible (and if you happen to find a better deal, we will price-match it). Because we are experts in our line of work, we work very closely with multiple vendors and high-end resorts, so we are able to give you all the perks and upgrades that no other travel agency or travel site could!

Another misconception about Travel Specialists is that you have to pay them for their services. WRONG With us! There are no hidden fees or fine prints marked by asterisks that say, “oh, just kidding! You actually do have to pay us for our amazing services!” That’s not how we operate. We enjoy building life-long relationships with our clients. We love to hear all about their amazing vacations and see pictures from their time spent away from all the chaos of everyday life! We help you plan a trip that mimics the one you dream about, and we don’t charge you a fee for our expertise, knowledge, or our connections.

At Luxēvo Vacations, we guarantee you peace of mind from before you even leave for your trip! We take care of absolutely everything, like giving you a packing list, arranging your flights, your transportation, your arrival at the resort of your choice, planning every activity and excursion you desire. We will make sure everything goes accordingly. Of course, we understand that sometimes there is no way to stop unforeseen circumstances from causing problems; but instead of washing our hands and leaving you to deal with the little hiccups, we are the ones who will step in and fix things licked-y split! We provide you with our direct phone numbers and emails, so that we can keep directly in touch, to solve whatever problem there is. After all, who wants to be stressed on vacation? Answer: uh, no one!

Plus, booking travel is literally our job! This is what we do for a living. So, let’s say you researched a particular resort or hotel and fell in love with the pictures on the website (and the price wasn’t so shabby, either), but our agents know from personal experience that the customer service is horrendous. We can stop you from making a terrible mistake; and instead, offer you an alternative resort that offers the same amenities but with a brighter, friendlier staff!

We also know the ins and outs of travel insurance, passport requirements, visas, customs, cultures and all of the “what to do’s” and “what not to do’s” depending on the destination you will be visiting. Instead of having to spend hours upon hours researching your destination, resort, and all other aspects of travel, we can take care of it all with just a snap of our fingers (yes, we’re that good)! There is no reason for your next vacation to be stressful, with a travel specialist, we can make it easy breezy!Related image

The founders of Luxēvo Vacations work very closely with their employees and their Travel Specialists to create a knowledgeable, pleasant, and trustworthy environment for all parties. With over twenty years in the travel industry, they have dedicated their lives to making this company unlike any other! Take it from someone who works with them every day!