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Surviving Long Flights

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LONG FLIGHTS ARE ESSENTIAL to get to some of the most far out places on the planet. So, even though the entire experience of the trip can be exciting, the flight is what is dreaded by most. How are you supposed to keep yourself entertained in a tiny air space, thousands of feet off the ground, surrounded by strangers? With these 10 tips, long flights will no longer be something you dismay in your traveling experiences!

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Pick Your Seat Wisely

If you plan to sleep most of the flight, then you should pick the window seat because you can rest your head on the side and no one will be waking you up to go to the bathroom. But, if you plan on staying awake for most of the flight then consider the aisle seat, so you can get up as you please.

Ask to Upgrade

It never hurts to ask the flight attendants if you can upgrade your seat to first class or if there is another open seat with the extra leg room, because let’s be honest, that extra leg room on a 10 hour flight could be lifesaving.

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Wear Comfy Clothes

If you are going to be sitting on a plane for 5+ hours, dress comfortably! Wearing lose, stretchy pants or sweatpants is great for sitting for hours and being able to adjust, stretch your legs, and curl up in a ball on your seat. Always wear comfortable shoes for walking purposes, and bring a jacket or sweatshirt because you never know if you are going to be cold on the plane or not.

Bring Entertainment

If you struggle to sleep on a plane, then make sure you bring enough entertainment to keep you busy for your flight. Download movies onto your phone/laptop/tablet beforehand. Bring headphones and make playlists with different genres of music or podcasts. Books are also a great way to kill some time because they are time consuming and always helps with sleep. Cards are a great way to keep yourself entertained, as well, or even make a friend on the flight.

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Sleep is Important

Sleep is important for traveling and we know it’s not the easiest thing to sleep on the plane, so make sure you bring a pillow/neck pillow, blanket or sweatshirt, sleep eye mask, and if needed, a sleep aid helps for flights over 8+ hours. Sleep is essential so when you land, you can start your trip on a positive note instead of feeling exhausted and wasting the day sleeping.

Keep Your Electronics Charged

Before your flight, make sure if you are utilizing your electronics, keep them charging. Also, for the flight, bring a portable charger to keep everything charging. You don’t want to have 6 hours left on your flight, and your tablet died in the middle of the movie. So, be smart, keep your electronics charged and invest in a portable charger.

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Don’t Forget to Eat!

It is important that you maintain your health while on the flight. We know plane food isn’t the best tasting for you, but by eating you are maintaining your nutrient levels, giving you the right amount of energy. So, make yourself sandwiches, dried snacks like nuts or trail mix, crackers, anything solid that can pass through TSA. Pack smart, but pack healthy.

Hydrate or Die!

Just kidding, but not really… Stay hydrated! It is super important to drink lots of water on these flights because the elevation levels can throw you off and being confined to a tiny space can almost make you feel dried out. So, pack an empty reusable water bottle, and keep drinking because you are going to need your energy when you land.

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Refresh Yourself

After sitting on a plane for hours, you might feel a little dirty, like you need to shower or change your clothes, so bring a mini toiletry bag with a toothbrush, toothpaste, baby wipes to clean up, hairbrush, deodorant, face wash, and a change of clean clothes, so you can get off the flight feeling refreshed and new.

Be Respectful

This is the number 1 rule of a long flight or any kind of flight, or airport experience. Be respectful! You are all in this situation together, so being respectful, makes for an easy going airplane experience.

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Ready to book your next vacation? Let us help you with that!

Be Environmentally Friendly On Vacation

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WE ARE CREATURES OF HABIT, when it comes to our personal items or our homes, we maintain a consistent agenda to keep everything well maintained and spotless. We don’t want to live in filth, so for example, we keep dirty clothes organized in a hamper and wash them when the hamper gets filled up, we wash our dishes to be able to reuse them, take the garbage out, preserve a garden or lawn, recycle, and so much more. So, how come when it comes to vacationing, we lose sight of our sanitation and admiration?

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Don’t pause on being respectful and environmentally friendly because we desire to be pampered on vacation. We should treat mother Earth the same way we would handle our own homes because Earth is our home base! Respect the environment and mother Earth and the locals will be thankful.

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Clean Your Trash!

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Just because a housekeeper comes into the hotel room to maintain all the rooms, doesn’t mean it is respectful to leave everything a complete disaster for her to clean or because there are landscapers, they will clean the trash off the land. Especially when it comes to trash! Use a garbage can. If you are walking through the halls of the resort or outside walking the paths to the beach, find a garbage can, don’t just throw your trash onto the ground and if the locals recycle, then you recycle as well. Keep the environment clean, so that it will maintain its beauty. Be respectful to the employees and the resort.

Bring a Reusable Water Bottle

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Bring a reusable water bottle with you when you travel. If it is empty, it will pass through TSA with no problem. But, by bringing your own bottle, you are saving plastic bottles from being used. Which is great because it requires fossil fuels polluting the air to break down plastic in the landfills. So, think green about plastic because you don’t want the beautiful environment, clean air, and breathtaking oceans to be polluted and ruined.

Think Local

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By supporting local business; like farmers markets, local restaurants, souvenir stands, and much more; you are supporting local agriculture which means that they don’t need to outsource to other countries for branded products. Plus, you are keeping the locals happy, supporting their culture, and learning about their history. It is a great way to show them that there are benefits to tourism.

Choose Green Activities

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Earth-friendly activities are great for being environmentally friendly. Plus, they are also super fun. So, look into activities like snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking, biking, and hiking. Not only do you get to try new activities, but this is another great way to learn about their culture and what the land has to offer. Most importantly! It will reduce your carbon footprint. (NOTE: A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouses gases produced to support your activities.)

Use Biodegradable Sunscreen

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Save the coral reefs! Save the oceans! Every day we need to remember and appreciate our oceans because without them, we wouldn’t have beautiful beaches to explore all over the world and we wouldn’t have gorgeous marine life to discover. By wearing biodegradable sunscreen, you are protecting the oceans ecosystem.

Continue to think green and keep our environment alive!

How to Survive Traveling with Toddlers

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WORKING IN THE TRAVEL INDUSTRY, it is our duty to make sure all aspects of travel are covered, from planning the perfect romantic getaway to packing hacks to traveling with children… We cover it all.

Traveling with children is not my forte because I personally don’t have any, so I took the time to interview my closest friend, Kelly, who is a wife, mother of 3 toddlers, and 2 dogs.

The Dodaro family is constantly going on road trips from their hometown in New Jersey to Nags Head, NC, Hershey Park, PA, Chatham, NY, Pittsburg, PA, Washington DC, and Sykesville, MD.

I asked her, “how do you survive vacationing with 3 kids, who are 5, 3, and 11 months?”

Kelly’s response, “Keep them entertained.”

Below are Kelly’s 5 tips on how to survive traveling with toddlers!

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Tip #1: Pack LOTS of snacks! Nobody wants to hear “I’m hungryyyyyy” or “I’m thirstyyyyy” for hours. Hungry turns into hangry (hungry angry) and there’s nothing worse than 3 hangry little kids screaming and crying in the car or on a plane.

Tip #2: If you are into electronics, which these days it’s hard not to be, make sure the iPads are fully charged. Throw on a movie, give the kids some snacks, and you are guaranteed at least an hour and a half of semi-peace and quiet. If a movie isn’t cutting it, download some free kid-friendly games that will keep them entertained.  This will make them happy and more importantly will keep them from bugging you every 5 minutes.

Tip #3: If you want to work your child’s brain activity, play some verbal games that keep them thinking.

  • For example play the “I’m going on a picnic..” alphabet game. Each person takes a turn picking out an item they are going to bring on the picnic using each letter of the alphabet. (i.e. I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing an apple. The next person would say I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing an apple and a banana.) The key is to remember each item that was said and recite them all back when it’s your turn.
  • Another game to play is “I’m thinking of an animal.” One person thinks of an animal and gives clues about them. The players can ask yes or no questions and guess until they come up with the correct animal. It’s a lot of fun and makes children think and learn new things without even realizing it.

Tip #4: Coloring books and crayons/colored pencils/markers are always a simple solution to keep kids entertained.

Tip #5: What child doesn’t like a dance party? Make a playlist of your child’s favorite songs, crank up the volume, and dance the long car ride away of if you are on a plane, give them headphones and let them entertain themselves. They have fun, you have fun, and honestly, it’s funny watching your little kids create their own dances.

“These things work for my family. Hopefully they can help some other families as well. Good luck with your children and safe travels!” – Kelly Dodaro

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Maintain a Healthy Sleep Habit While You Travel

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LUCKY FOR YOU, you’re reading advice from a true, medically-diagnosed insomniac… So, I’m basically an expert on the subject of what makes healthy sleeping habits a reality (without any pesky prescriptions). Also lucky for you, working in the travel industry, I’ve had my fair share of long days and even longer nights in unfamiliar hotel rooms. This means I know some handy dandy tricks that will help you receive your much-needed eight hours of sleep while you’re on the road (…or the beach).

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Essential Oils

Calming scents, such as lavender, chamomile, or sandalwood can help to relax and quiet your brain, promoting faster and uninterrupted sleep! (*Hint* using essential oils before bed every night, even while in your own bed, makes this tip more effective when traveling as your brain learns to associate the oil scent with sleep.Image result for essential oil gif

Travel Pillow Comfort

If you’re someone who needs a particular type of pillow (soft, firm, somewhere in between, with feathers, no feathers, tempurpedic, etc.), you may want to look into purchasing either a travel-sized pillow that can fit in your carry-on or just bringing your pillow from home (if you have a mammoth-sized suitcase and only plan on packing two pairs of shoes)! Our Marketing Manager, Miranda, suggests that if you bring a pillow from home, you should use a bright-patterned pillowcase. This way, housekeeping won’t mistake it for the hotels and you won’t forget it when you leave! A comfortable place to lay your head after a long day is essential to a restful night’s sleep.Image result for essential oils to sleep gif

Sound or meditation app

Having white noise or a calming guided meditation helps greatly in assisting most people in falling asleep and calming an over-active brain. Personally, I like to listen to the sound of rain using the Rain App and have it lull me to sleep; but I have friends who put on a guided meditation every night using the Buddhify App to help them drift off. Thank the Lord for Smart Phones replacing the bulky sound machines that were once so popular!Image result for meditation sleeping gif

Sleep Eye Mask

Sleep eye masks work wonders in helping you stay asleep, as the ones made out of nylon material stay cool throughout the night and are thick enough to keep out the pesky morning light (and the unflattering fluorescent airplane lights). They’re small enough to where they are perfect for travel and you can take them with you wherever you go.Related image

Stick with what you know

If you have pre-bedtime rituals, try to stick to them as closely as possible. If you watch a show before bed every night or listen to music to unwind, bring along your laptop or tablet. If you have a favorite before-sleep snack or beverage, pack them with you to enjoy. Unwinding after a long day and calming down your mind is important when it comes to getting to sleep quickly. You’re out of your element enough in a new place, you might as well do everything you can to stick with what you know, right?Image result for watching tv to sleep gif

Bring the COZINESS with you

Comfort is key when it comes to restful sleep. If you’re not comfortable, how are you going to rest your mind enough to actually sleep? It’s not very probably. If you have a favorite cozy blanket or your trusted, long-time stuffed animal (for me, its comfy cashmere socks), pack it with you! I’ve even known some people to pack their own sheets from home and remake the bed when they arrive, giving their room a little sense of “home”. It might seem silly at first, but it’s totally worth it when you wake up refreshed and happy!Image result for be cozy gif

Over-the-counter sleep aids

Although this isn’t something I personally partake in (over-the-counter sleep aids don’t help insomniacs like we wish they would), I have family and friends that swear by taking either ZZZ-Quil or Melatonin when they travel to try and help maintain their regular sleep schedule. Make sure you don’t start out with the full dose of sleep aids if it’s your first time trying them, as they work differently for everyone! Also, check with a pharmacist to make sure they don’t interfere with any allergies you may have or any other medications you may take.Related image

Stay Hydrated

Many people don’t think about this one, but when you travel, drinking your needed eight cups of water a day isn’t really a top priority along with making sure your bags arrived at the same destination as you did. But staying hydrated is super important while traveling, as if you don’t drink as much as you should throughout the day, you’ll wake up the next morning even drowsier than usual.Image result for stay hydrated gif

Trying to get rest on vacation, isn’t always easy, but with these helpful tips and tricks, sleeping can be!

Be So Relaxed You Thought You Were on Vacation

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TOO BAD EVERYDAY CAN’T FEEL LIKE VACATION. Unfortunately, you’ll be sitting at work to pay the bills, writing papers in school to get an education, or your home is just filled with clutter and chaos because you’re too overwhelmed to get it together. Life happens and when it does happen, it hits hard. But with the help from these wonderful essential oils; they can make you feel so calm and relaxed, you thought you were on vacation!

Essential oils are the new au natural, anxiety and stress relief remedies. There is no need for pills anymore when you can just smell a few drops of these oils and completely change the whole vibe of your day! Inhale them deeply, add some to your bath or shower, diffuse the oils into the air, or rub a little on your nostrils, palms, temples, or feet because everyone should feel like there on vacation every day.

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Lavender is number one in being a stress reliever. Its scent is light, flowery, and super calming. It relieves nervous tension, anxiety, emotional damage, improves sleep, and can relieve pain. Add the scent to the air, listen to a beach white noise on YouTube, dim the lights, and take a bath and you will feel as relaxed like you’re on vacation.

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Here’s another essential oil that could be the new au natural remedy to relieving depression. Bergamots combination of spicy and citrus is a complex scent that gives you the perfect amount of R&R (reduction & relaxation). It reduces nerve tension, anxiety, stress, high blood pressure, insomnia, and depression by relaxing your nerves, your anxiety levels, and it’s an antidepressant. Just like lavender you can place it in the shower or bathtub, rub it on your skin, and inhale deeply for its warming effects to overcome any stress.

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Tea Tree

Tea Tree, also known as Melaleuca oil, comes from the Melaleuca Alternifolia tree. The benefits of this oil make it a must-have for every home. Benefits include mental cleansing from stress, anxiety, or physical pain, it soothes skin from irritants or burns, and can be used a great household cleaner, keeping your home smelling like a relaxing day outdoors.

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With one inhale of eucalyptus you will instantly imagine yourself outdoors. The smell is unique. It is piney, but minty, with a hint of warm honey. There are so many health benefits to eucalyptus; improves respiratory circulation and immunity. Just rub a little in your hands, inhale deeply through your nose or mouth, and it will open up your air ways, your sinuses, your chest for clear breathing, and all that tight tension you were feeling in your chest, will just disappear.

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When I think of lemon, I think of a lemon in my cold water, iced tea, or cold cocktail, and when I think of a cold beverage, I think of being somewhere tropical and hot. This citrus not only tastes good, but also smells good! Smelling the cent of lemon will stimulate your mind into daydreaming about an island escape, which will enhance your serotonin levels, and bring you to a state of complete tranquility and happiness.

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Wild Orange 

This is another citrus smell that will stimulate your mind into thinking you’re on an island. Only, the difference between lemon and orange, is that orange energizes the mind and body. It uplifts the mood and energy levels, so that you are ready to go, go, go. You can diffuse this around your home or take a moment at work to meditate your mind with the scent of wild orange and enhance your performance and keep you charged.

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Patchouli is from a plant called, Lamiaceae, commonly known for being part of the mint family. The scent is warm and spicy, also referred to as “the scent of the 60’s”. Rubbing patchouli oil on your wrists and temples relieves stress, anxiety, and depression, making you feel like you just woke up from a nap on the beach.

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Ylang Ylang 

Comes from the tropical flower Cananga Ordorata Genuina, It is the “flower of all flowers.” It’s sweet floral scent is an antidepressant, enhances relaxation, and lowers blood pressure (frustration, anger, anxiety). This would be another oil that you could put in the bathtub, listen to some calming music, and imagine yourself on a beach with no stress!

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Gut-friendly ginger is great for reducing nausea, stomach knots, pains, or upset stomach. Sometimes when stress happens or nerves, our stomachs react first. With the potent and powerful scent of ginger essential oil, one sniff is a quick remedy for calming our minds and bodies, especially our stomach muscles. This could be great for pre-travel nerves the night before or before your flight.

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Seaberry Oil 

Also known as, Sea buckthorn Oil, comes from a berry called Hippophae Rhamnoides. It is the new go-to vacation essential if you are going to be on a beach. It is the au natural remedy for your skin. After laying in the sun for hours, you feel crispy and dried up, you might be burnt or just added to your amazing tan, either way rubbing Seaberry oil all over your skin is great for anti-aging, skins elasticity, heals burns, and rejuvenates skin.

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Sun Safety

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WHEN I ORIGINALLY WROTE THIS sunscreen post, I based it on all types of sunscreens. So, my top 5 came out to be

1. Neutrogena

2. Banana Boat

3. Coppertone

4. Hawaiian Tropics

5. Aveeno

I wrote a whole blog piece about how they protect our skin, but I started to realize something… Do they protect our environment? Do they protect the coral reefs from getting bleached when we swim in the ocean or snorkel? Mother Earth is our home base and I believe it should be equally respected from all angles, like the coral reefs. Our coral reefs help the trees produce oxygen for us. Products with the ingredients Oxybenzone, Butylparaben, Octinoxate, Methylbenzylidene camphor, and so many more, are polluting our oceans and destroying the coral reefs. We need to recognize the damage that is being done to our environment and start making a change.

So, my research went from “best sunscreen” to “best biodegradable, eco-friendly, reef safe sunscreen” and I put together a list of the TOP 5 BIODEGRADABLE, ECO-FRIENDLY, REEF SAFE SUNSCREENS.

Sun Bum Mineral Sun Care

Sun bums new, zinc-based mineral collection is ideal for your safety and protecting the earth. These products are healthy, especially for the most sensitive skin, because it is made with specialized hypo-allergenics and is fragrance free. They are100% vegan, gluten free, paraben free, and cruelty free, as well. For babies to adults, this sunscreen is great for everyone and the environment.

Image result for sun bum mineral sun care

Mama Kuleana Reef Safe Sunscreen

This handmade sunscreen is made by mama Kuleana in the West Maui Mountains in Hawaii. Her sunscreen is eco-friendly and reef safe. Each container is made with love, so you know the person behind it cares about your health and the environment. The best is, she uses biodegradable containers to protect the environment. The ingredients are Organic Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Organic Safflower Oil, Non-Nano Zinc Powder, Raspberry Oil, Rose Hip Seed Oil, and Vitamin E oil. She also includes the essential oils: Carrot and Frankincense, for their skin protecting properties.

Image result for Mama Kuleana Reef safe sunscreen

Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen

At Blue Lizards, their belief is, “We believe that strong protection doesn’t require a harsh touch.” So, they created a chemical free, mineral based sunscreen that is safe for the environment. Mineral based sunscreens reflect the sun’s rays, not absorb them. Their smart bottles change color when they are exposed to UV light. The color of the bottle top changes from white to blue. This sunscreen is dermatologist recommended.

Image result for Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen

Suntegrity Skincare

This sunscreen was made with those who lost their lives to skin cancer in mind. This holistic, mineral sun care is the new alternative to skin protection. This eco-friendly sunscreen without harsh chemical uses the ingredient non-Nano zinc oxide and even better, their bottles were made to be recyclable to reduce plastic waste to protect the planet. Eco friendly and reef friendly, cruelty free, and paraben free. This product protects you and the world you love.

Related image

Raw Elements Certified Natural Sunscreen

Founded by a beach lifeguard, this natural alternative for sunscreen is made with active antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals produced by mother earth. It’s organic, chemical free, reef safe, biodegradable, and 100% recyclable. The ingredients include Certified Natural Zinc Oxide, Organic Beeswax, Organic Black Tea, Natural Candelilla Wax, Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Green Tea, Organic Rosemary Oil, Natural Mango Butter, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Sunflower, and Natural Tocopherol (Vitamin E) Soy Free. This product is safe for the smallest infant or most active athlete.

Image result for Raw Elements Certified Natural Sunscreen

Take a chance on these all natural sunscreens and keep protecting our planet!

“54% of American’s don’t take Vacation…”

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ONE OF THE BIGGEST STATISTICS that will make you say “What!”, is the fact that 54% of America don’t take vacation time!

I know! I thought the same exact thing when I read that.

Not only is vacationing amazing because you get to spend X amount of days on an island, relaxing, while you have servers pamper you all day long, and get to walk around in a bathing suit without being judged… There are also some serious benefits that will improve your quality of life.

Positive HealthImage result for feeling healthy gif

Life is rough. You wake up, go to work all day, take care of your kids (or furbabies), clean and feed whoever is in your household, go to sleep, wake up, REPEAT. There’s no time in there for you to take care of yourself. While you are on vacation, you get to sleep more, eat more, soak in some Vitamin C, and give your body and mind a break. According to science, you can increase your health by 20% by taking one vacation.


Stress-reliefImage result for relax gif

Whether it’s the pressure at work, from your family, or just having a super busy schedule; taking a vacation gets you away from all the chaos in your life. It will dramatically reduce stress, anxiety, and mental and physical burnouts that you are feeling.


Productivity, Creativity, & InspirationImage result for creativity gif

Just like a battery, if we are over worked without a break, our batteries run low on juice. If our battery is low, we lose our creativity, our patience, are less helpful and hardworking, and make poor decisions. That’s why a few days on a vacation is beneficial, so that you have time to recharge your batteries, refuel and refresh yourself, and return energized.


Self-timeImage result for vacation time gif

When your life consists of focusing on everything else around you, but yourself, you are reducing your quality of life. Taking a vacation will give you the opportunity to reflect on yourself and the changes you can make to improve your lifestyle to make it better, make you realize the care you need to give to yourself, and a sense of peace. Experiencing an island escape will be good for your mind, your body, and most importantly, yourself.


HappinessImage result for happiness vacation gif

Science says taking a vacation improves your happiness, so don’t you want to be happy? Then take a vacation!

Music and a Beach

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ONE OF MY TOP ESSENTIALS FOR A PERFECT BEACH TRIP, is music! I mean nothing is more blissful than soaking up the sun, sand between your toes, staring at the ocean, with a cool breeze in the air; so why not add music to really put you in a tranquil state?

Image result for headphones on the beach gif

We have conducted the ultimate beach playlist for your enjoyment! A mixture of a little old school, a little new school, a little tropical paradise, and a little alternative; the perfect combination to blast in your ears while you’re laying out on the beach.

  1. Three Little Birds by Bob Marley

  1. Kokomo by The Beach Boys

  1. I’m Yours by Jason Mraz

  1. Firestone by Kygo

  1. Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles

  1. Feeling Good by Nina Simone

  1. Love Song by 311

  1. Imagine by John Lennon

  1. Smooth by Santana ft. Rob Thomas

  1. Finally Moving by Pretty Lights

  1. Ripple by Grateful Dead

  1. Island in the Sun by Weezer

  1. If You Like Pina Coladas by Rupert Holmes

  1. Goodness by Emancipator

  1. Where is my Mind by The Pixies

  1. Follow Me by Uncle Kracker

  1. Wish You Were Here by Incubus

  1. Drift Away by Dobie Gray

  1. Vacation by Dirty Heads

  1. What I Got by Sublime

  1. Do You Believe in Magic by The Lovin’ Spoonful

  1. Just Jammin’ by Gramatik

  1. Someday by Sugar Ray

  1. Happy Together by The Turtles

  1. Walking on Sunshine by Katrina & The Waves

  1. Perfect Muse by Black Goldie

  1. No Diggity by Chet Faker

  1. Summertime by Janis Joplin

  1. California Dreaming by The Beach Boys

  1. Dye by Tycho



Packing Hacks for the Stressed-Out Traveler

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BEING PART OF THE TRAVEL INDUSTRY, we LOVE travel hacks that will make life that much easier. Especially, when it comes to packing. Packing is never easy. It is actually very stressful, and we never know if we packed enough or we always tend to overpack. With our little tricks and tips, we will be able to help take some stress off of the whole idea of packing.

Image result for stressful packing gif


If you’re going on a week trip or a a month long excursion, there is no reason to bring an outfit for every day! That takes up too much room in your luggage and you’re more than likely not going to wear all those items. Your best bet is to pack items that are diverse. Items that you can mix and match and also dress up to dress down to save space. That little black dress looks great with heels or great as a bathing suit cover up. The button down collared shirt can be worn causal or worn out to a fancy dinner. Either way, you can wear an article of clothing more than once, styled differently, for different occasions and still kill it on your vacation!

Image result for packing gifs


If you’re like me, then you are neurotic about wrinkled clothes! Rolling your clothes in your suitcase is great for saving space AND reducing wrinkles. (Tip: Buying travel sized Downy Wrinkle Releaser keeps your clothes fresh and dewrinkled. HIGHLY recommended!)

Image result for roll your clothes gif


If you’re an overly organized person when it comes to packing; like you keep all your shirts folded together, socks and underwear together, pants separate, then you need to invest in packing cubes. You can get a set of 2-8 pieces, all different sizes for cheap on Amazon. They keep you completely organized, easy to pack and unpack, and saves tons of space by keeping your items compact

Image result for packing cubes gif


Once again, if you’re like me, then you can’t stand that smell of plastic on your clothes from your luggage when you unpack your stuff. So, A little trick is to pack loose dryer sheets throughout your luggage; in your shoes, between clothing items, in pockets, WHEREVER YOU WANT! It keeps your clothes fresh and smelling like clean laundry.

Image result for dryer sheets for packing gif


This is optional, but if you are packing a few pairs of shoes, then you can pack your undergarments inside your shoes, with dryer sheets. Socks, bras, underwear, whatever you are able to roll up or stuff, it saves space by packing those smaller items into your shoes, if your shoes are going to be taking up space.

Image result for pack items in your shoes gif


These 2 items are key for keeping your liquids and toiletries safe. If you are bringing bottles (shampoo, conditioner, lotion, sunscreen, etc.), then wrapping a small piece of plastic wrap around the lid, is great to ensure no leakage. Also, for extra security, place these wrapped items in a ziploc bag.

Image result for ziplock bags for liquids gif


Have you ever had one of those moments, where you need your phone charger or headphones and when you go to take them out, they’re all tangled? Yeah. If you said no, you’re lying. So, to keep those pesky wires organized, you can take an old sunglasses case, roll your wires separately, stick them in the case, and because of the soft fabric inside and tight space, they won’t roll around and get tangled. Plus, they are easy to access and tiny enough to not take up too much space.

Image result for sunglasses case for wires travel hack gif


Just like the wires, it is the same thing with jewelry. Because of the chains, they all get tangled, then they get tangled around your dangling earrings, and chunky bracelets. Save yourself the stress and get a daily pill container and pack each item in the separate slots. It keeps your jewelry organized and you less stressed that you have to spend a half hour untangling the chains.

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Health and safety is very important when it comes to traveling. Nothing is worse than forgetting your stomach medicine or fever reducer or if your clumsy, tripped, and cut your hand; you are going to need bandaids. Make a DIY (do it yourself) first aid kit. This can consist of: band aids/gauze pads/medical tape, Neosporin, travel sized tissues, pain reliever/fever reducer, prescribed meds, motion sickness medicine, allergy medicine, eye drops (just in case), and insect repellant. All these items can be found in travel sizes. It is better to be safe, then sorry!

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Be smart and pack your essential items together in your carry on, for easy access. Your wallet (ID/passport, credit card, etc.), phone charger, headphones, laptop, book, sunglasses, and medications/med kit should all be kept together in your carry bag, so that it easy to get to and organized.

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With these tricks and tips, we can help make traveling less stressful and keep you organized!

A Little Self-Help to Lift You Up

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TAKING A VACATION MEANS REMOVING YOURSELF FROM ANY NEGATIVE THOUGHTS, unplugging from reality, recuperating, relaxing, and recharging your batteries. It’s a time for you to reflect on the importance of self-love, taking that the time to remove any stress, and to find a new perspective on the way life should be lived.

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If you’re like me, then music or a book, is your go-to for the ultimate relaxation, but it can’t just be any book or any kind of playlist. The music has to consist of positive songs and relaxing beats. The same goes for a book to read on vacation.

When you are trying to relax and recharge, you’re not going to read a suspenseful murder plot, right? No.

This is a time to look for motivation, inspiration, advice, insight, and to change your outlook on life. That’s why self-help books are the ultimate go-to for a vacationing book because they have all those characteristics that you desire while on vacation.

I know when you think of self-help, you instantly think of overcoming physical/mental/sexual abuse, alcohol/drug addiction, illnesses, etc., but not all self-help books pertain to that. They are about overcoming any life situation, maintaining a positive outlook in life, and becoming an all around better person.

Because I am so passionate about the impact of self-help books, I have conducted for you the 5 BEST self-help books to give you that inspiration and motivation your looking for, while on vacation.

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

By Don Miquel Ruiz

  1. Be impeccable with your word.
  2. Don’t take anything personally.
  3. Don’t make assumptions.
  4. Always do your best.

Full of grace and simple truth, this book is a gift to anyone that is making an elementary change in life.

Be Here Now

By Ram Dass

This guide to self-determination is a true message. It brings you on the path to metamorphosis, path to enlightenment, and to find your truest inner-self. Trust indefinitely and love infinitely.

“We’re talking about going from a caterpillar to a butterfly. We’re talking about how to become a butterfly.” – Ram Dass

The Alchemist

By Paulo Coelho

This inspiring tale of self-discovery, is filled with wisdom and wonder. It’s a journey that teaches us the essentials of listening to our hearts, recognizing opportunity, and following our dreams.

Peace Is Every Breath: A Practice for Our Busy Lives

By Thich Nhat Hanh

This guide to living a fuller life, is a deeply insightful meditation. It teaches us how to practice mindfulness into our every waking moment. It opens a pathway to a greater spiritual fulfillment through its patient examination of how we live our lives.

“You cannot say, “I’m just too busy, I have no time for meditation.” No. Walking from one building to another, walking from the parking lot to your office, you can always enjoy walking mindfully, and enjoy every one of your steps. Each step you take in mindfulness can help you release the tension in your body, release the tension in your feelings, and bring about healing, joy, and transformation.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

By Elizabeth Gilbert

Embrace your curiosity and let go of needless suffering. In this book, she shows us how to take on what we love most and to face down what we fear most. We are encouraged to uncover the “strange jewels” that are hidden in each of us. Whether we are; looking to write a book, make art, find new ways to address challenges in our work, embark on a dream long deferred, or simply infuse our everyday lives with more mindfulness and passion, Big Magic gives opens a world of wonder and joy.

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Taking the time to read books like this on vacation, will help your mentality tremendously. You will feel new and be ready to take on your everyday life with a more open minded, confident, and empowering mindset!