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meet the LXVN team

Here at LXVN, travel isn’t an activity, it’s a lifestyle. Our goal with the work we do here is to further that culture and emulate that lifestyle. Meet the team behind LXVN.

Dustin Kramer

Creative Director

Creative Director of Luxevo Vacations, Dustin, is a gourmet coffee and craft beer enthusiast, secret bocce ball master, and nomad at heart. He has been in the travel industry for over 10 years, specializing in marketing. His ideal adventure includes waking up in the mountains, enjoying his cup of coffee, going on a hike to find the perfect climbing spot, and ending the day with some meditation and yoga.

Kellie Abate

Lead Copywriter / WordPress Administrator

Kellie is the Lead Copywriter at Luxevo Vacations. She was born and raised in New Jersey, until her recent beach upgrade when she moved to sunny Bradenton, Florida, where she now resides. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in English and Creative Writing at Southern New Hampshire University and most enjoys writing narratives and poetry. Her passions include acrylic painting, hula hooping, going on adventures, and spending time with her cat Kaly, who greets her at the door with a hug. (Yes, Kaly, gives hugs. We have witnessed it, and it is as adorable as it sounds.)

Henry Solis

Lead Digital Media Creative

Luxevo Vacations Lead Digital Media Creative, Henry, is a filmmaking, travel, and pizza enthusiast. He is from Moline, Illinois but now lives in Bradenton, Florida where he spends his time making short films and perfecting his photography. In his free time, he enjoys skating, gaming, and spending time with his wife Lauren and their dog Eggland, (because Eggland isn’t just a good egg, she is the best egg.)

Graham Hedgecock

Social Media Specialist / Video Editor

Graham is Luxevo Vacations Social Media Specialist of two years and most recent Video Editor. His interest in film making and editing has rapidly grown into a passion and his work continues to impress the team. He was born and raised in Bradenton, FL and knows all of the local beach spots. Outside of work, he is a car enthusiast and can be found at car meet ups with his friends.

Watch. Experience. Travel.

The media crew prides themselves on their dedication to providing content that makes the travel experience come to life. Our YouTube channel is filled with real people, real events, and a whole lot of happiness.