I KNOW WE CAN ALL AGREE that traveling can be a stressful time. The thoughts running through your head, “did I pack enough,” “am I missing anything,” “will that get through security?” and the thoughts go on and on.

After a few experiences in traveling and learning little tricks and tips, here and there, traveling doesn’t have to be stressful. A wish and a prayer just doesn’t cut it anymore for the perfect airport experience. Here are some travel hacks to make your airport experience that much easier

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ALWAYS check before hand, if your flight is delayed or canceled.

Nothing is worse than rushing to airport, feeling frazzled and stressed out, just to find out that your flight was delayed or canceled. Sign up for alerts to your phone, texts or emails, about your flight information, so that you are up to date at all times.

Dress comfortable!

There is no reason to dress in your best suit or a pair of high heels. Everything is fast paced walking, taking off your shoes, belts, jackets, and whatever else, to get through TSA, a lot of sitting or standing;  so a comfy pair of pants, flat shoes, and a sweater jacket to stay warm is ideal for the airport.

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Keep your ID and boarding pass close to you.

Don’t be that person that is holding up the line because they have their boarding pass or passport in their bag and their ID still in their wallet. You know that security will be checking your ID/passport and boarding pass, numerous times, so keep those items together and in an accessible spot for an easy grab, then when you are comfortable in your seat on the plane, you can put the items back where you think they belong

Keep all your flight essentials in one place.

Have a separate small bag for all your flight needs; like earbuds, snacks, phone charger, book/magazine, small hand sanitizer (because, let’s be real, germs are gross) and medications (if needed). Don’t put it in your carry on, stowed in the overhead bin, and be that person that is constantly getting up to unload their bag and sort through their stuff finding the items. Respect the people around you and be mindful about organization.

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Snacks and Water!

If you’re like me, you love to snack and are always thirsty, but airport water and snacks are always more than $5.00 for the smallest one. So, a trick for the water situation, bring an EMPTY reusable water bottle. It will pass through security with no problems, and you can get water from the fountain for free! For snacks, pack some easy, finger foods in clear zip lock bags to take on your carry on. Once again if they are small, easy to eat, solid foods, they will get through security with no problems. It saves you a ton of money and is probably the healthier option as well!

Bring a portable phone charger.

Sometimes all the outlets are taken up or your airport isn’t stocked with those modern phone charging towers, so it is best to invest in a portable charger. Traveling with a dead phone is not fun and leaves you in a state of panic and stress. Do not start your vacation on that kind of note.

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Be careful wearing headphones at the airport!

If you do choose to wear your headphones, then you should always keep one ear free, so that you can hear your flight info; gates could change, times can change, flight canceled, etc. So, don’t miss your flight because you weren’t listening to the gate announcements.

Wear your heaviest items. 

If you suspect that your suitcase might be overweight because you are traveling somewhere colder or if you are traveling with some souvenirs, then wear your heaviest items. If you are traveling with a jacket, wear the jacket. If you are traveling with boots, wear the boots. It’s easier to just wear the extra items beforehand, then to tear apart your luggage because it was called out for being overweight and have to pay the extra fee.

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3.4 ounces means 3.4 ounces.

Don’t try to sneak your family size shampoo on your carry on because you thought you could convince security it was okay or the extra-large sunscreen you just paid for because you didn’t know. Be cautious of what you are packing. 3.4 ounces or 100 ML is 3.4 ounces, or 100 ML. Security doesn’t care if you just bought it or have 10 kids to bathe on your vacation. They will make you throw it out. So, invest in some travel sized bottles or products, or just wait until you are at your destination to buy them.

Never be afraid to ask for help!

If you are lost or lost an item, confused, have questions, whatever it may be, DO NOT be afraid to ask the flight attendants or security for help. That is what they are there for, to help you when you need it! They will have the answers and if they don’t, they will direct you to the person that does have the answers. It will take any stress away because someone gave you a solution to your problem. No question is a dumb question.

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Following these hacks will make your travel experiences way easier! You will be thankful that you read this article and took notes, because starting off your vacation with a head full of stress, is not the best feeling.

Keep it simple, keep it easy, and you won’t have any problems!

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