travel better.

There is something simply enchanting about travel. It isn’t just a pastime, it’s an experience. We know that taking a trip is more than just a physical journey, it’s an emotional one. They are memories that stay with us forever, and experiences that shape the way we see the world.

Travel has shaped us to be who we are and because of that, it holds a special place in our hearts.

We are a company full of people who are consumed by wanderlust and infatuated with all things travel.  Travel isn’t merely our business, it’s our lifestyle. Our mission at LXVN is to share our passion for travel with people who are equally as passionate.  We want to provide travelers with the knowledge and insight that we have gathered from our experiences so that even as you wander, you never feel lost.

Luxevo Vacations:

Our Parent Company

Our parent company Luxevo Vacations’ mission is to help people book their perfect vacation. A vision that we share is that the perfect trip is something that is different for everyone.  All of us are unique, and thus our travels will be also. Here at LXVN, we are obsessively curious about what goes into each traveler’s perfect adventure and have immersed ourselves in the culture of travel and vacationing.

We believe that the key to the perfect trip lies in the details.  It’s things like knowing how to pick a souvenir that is unique and authentic, or knowing what time the sun sets.  We travel the world, collecting little bits and pieces of what makes travel so magical, taking in the adventure and sharing it with all who intentionally wander.  It is our mission to explore the world and gather all of the insight that will help you go on the perfect adventure every time you travel.