LONG FLIGHTS ARE ESSENTIAL to get to some of the most far out places on the planet. So, even though the entire experience of the trip can be exciting, the flight is what is dreaded by most. How are you supposed to keep yourself entertained in a tiny air space, thousands of feet off the ground, surrounded by strangers? With these 10 tips, long flights will no longer be something you dismay in your traveling experiences!

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Pick Your Seat Wisely

If you plan to sleep most of the flight, then you should pick the window seat because you can rest your head on the side and no one will be waking you up to go to the bathroom. But, if you plan on staying awake for most of the flight then consider the aisle seat, so you can get up as you please.

Ask to Upgrade

It never hurts to ask the flight attendants if you can upgrade your seat to first class or if there is another open seat with the extra leg room, because let’s be honest, that extra leg room on a 10 hour flight could be lifesaving.

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Wear Comfy Clothes

If you are going to be sitting on a plane for 5+ hours, dress comfortably! Wearing lose, stretchy pants or sweatpants is great for sitting for hours and being able to adjust, stretch your legs, and curl up in a ball on your seat. Always wear comfortable shoes for walking purposes, and bring a jacket or sweatshirt because you never know if you are going to be cold on the plane or not.

Bring Entertainment

If you struggle to sleep on a plane, then make sure you bring enough entertainment to keep you busy for your flight. Download movies onto your phone/laptop/tablet beforehand. Bring headphones and make playlists with different genres of music or podcasts. Books are also a great way to kill some time because they are time consuming and always helps with sleep. Cards are a great way to keep yourself entertained, as well, or even make a friend on the flight.

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Sleep is Important

Sleep is important for traveling and we know it’s not the easiest thing to sleep on the plane, so make sure you bring a pillow/neck pillow, blanket or sweatshirt, sleep eye mask, and if needed, a sleep aid helps for flights over 8+ hours. Sleep is essential so when you land, you can start your trip on a positive note instead of feeling exhausted and wasting the day sleeping.

Keep Your Electronics Charged

Before your flight, make sure if you are utilizing your electronics, keep them charging. Also, for the flight, bring a portable charger to keep everything charging. You don’t want to have 6 hours left on your flight, and your tablet died in the middle of the movie. So, be smart, keep your electronics charged and invest in a portable charger.

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Don’t Forget to Eat!

It is important that you maintain your health while on the flight. We know plane food isn’t the best tasting for you, but by eating you are maintaining your nutrient levels, giving you the right amount of energy. So, make yourself sandwiches, dried snacks like nuts or trail mix, crackers, anything solid that can pass through TSA. Pack smart, but pack healthy.

Hydrate or Die!

Just kidding, but not really… Stay hydrated! It is super important to drink lots of water on these flights because the elevation levels can throw you off and being confined to a tiny space can almost make you feel dried out. So, pack an empty reusable water bottle, and keep drinking because you are going to need your energy when you land.

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Refresh Yourself

After sitting on a plane for hours, you might feel a little dirty, like you need to shower or change your clothes, so bring a mini toiletry bag with a toothbrush, toothpaste, baby wipes to clean up, hairbrush, deodorant, face wash, and a change of clean clothes, so you can get off the flight feeling refreshed and new.

Be Respectful

This is the number 1 rule of a long flight or any kind of flight, or airport experience. Be respectful! You are all in this situation together, so being respectful, makes for an easy going airplane experience.

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