There are numerous types of people who sit next to you on planes: the one who calmly flips through a magazine with their headphones in, the other who is a nervous wreck who can’t stop fidgeting and gasps anytime the seatbelt light comes on, and lastly the man spreading slob who takes over your entire area. Whatever the case may be, being courteous and utilizing airplane manors, will make your inflight experience (as well as theirs,) much more enjoyable.

Here are five rules of airplane etiquette to follow to ensure a stress-free and more-comfortable flight.Image result for airplane etiquette gif

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Help Each Other

If you see someone looks lost, stop and help them with directions or if someone is struggling to place their overhead bag in the bin, just give it a push. It doesn’t take much to be a kind person and help someone out. You should always strive for good karma for your future.

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Respect Your (Limited) Space

It is not enjoyable to be cramped up in a tiny seat for X amount of time with very minimal space. So, it is always nice when you respect your space and the person next to you respects there’s. Evenly share the arm rests with your neighbor and don’t lean your chair all the way back if the person behind you will be utilizing there tray table. It’s about understanding each other feelings and being respectful.

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Watch Your Volume

A lot of people try to sleep on their flights just to get that little bit of rest because traveling is tedious or they utilize this time to read a book, listen to music, or watch their television show. So, just be courteous of the people surrounding you and keep your voice at a low volume. If the person next you is clearly in their own zone; give them their space. Don’t break their concentration by initiating conversation. Silence is golden.

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Don’t Be THAT Napper

If you know you are going to be napping on the plane, be prepared and pack a neck pillow. They are great for upright sleeping, so that you  are not, little by little, slumping over onto your neighbors shoulders. They are already super uncomfortable in their tight space, they don’t need a stranger resting on their shoulder.

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A tight airplane space, is not the place to bring some chili to eat or a fast food hamburger. Everyone from the first row to the back row, will be able to smell your meal and it will be nauseating. Be mindful of the type of food you carry on; preferable bland food or snacks that do not have an odor to it.

Follow these 5 major airplane etiquette rules and your fellow passengers will thank you in the long run!

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