So, you want to take a vacation, but you haven’t because you don’t think you have the money for it…Image result for spending money gif

Well that’s okay! Because with these tricks, you will be able to save money in no time to go on that dream vacation of yours!Image result for saving money gif

Open a savings account for a vacation fund. Every paycheck you get, take a little money out of there; $20, $50, $100, however much you can afford and transfer it into the savings and DO NOT TOUCH. Let that money build up overtime. You will be surprised how much is in there after a few months!

  • If you get paid bi-weekly, and take $100 out of those 2 paychecks, that is $200 a month saved, over 12 months that is $2,400 saved in a year!

Cut out materialistic items for the time being. Cancel your gym membership, stop buying a coffee every morning, or getting new clothing items for a special occasion. Over time those; $5, $10, $15, $20 items, build up over time.

  • If you buy a $5.00 Starbucks coffee, every Monday to Friday for a whole month. That’s $5.00 x 5 days a week = 25 x 4 weeks = $100! That’s a $100 a month wasted on coffee, that’s $1,200 you can save in one year! So, cut out those materialistic items and save, save, save!

Learn to become a homebody for the time period. A homebody is someone that enjoys spending time at home. By staying home, you are saving money because you are not spending your money!

Only spend money on the necessary essentials. If you have rent due, your car payments due, you are out of toilet paper, or you don’t have any food to cook for dinner, then those are necessary items to spend money on. BUT, if you have a craving to bake cookies or saw a cute pair of pants on the clothing rack, REFRAIN for the time being! I know it is hard to not impulse shop but refraining from buying unnecessary items will also save you money.

Get a side job. If you are having a hard time saving money, you can also get a part time job to gain more money.

  • If you have a four-door car, you can get a job as an Uber or Lyft driver after work hours. If you are great with kids, you can babysit at night to give a nice family a break. If you love dogs, become a dog walker. There are so many options for a part time job, just to build up your bank account a little more.

These 5 tricks are not impossible. Nothing is impossible! If you are motivated and dedicated to taking one great, luxurious vacation, by following these tricks, you’ll save money for it in no time!Image result for spending money gif


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